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I WILL PAY for web design...

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  • Cary
    Sorry, but you can't advertise or "request" services on these forums...

    You might want to check out the "Job Offers and Requests" forum at instead
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  • Christophe_O
    started a topic I WILL PAY for web design...

    I WILL PAY for web design...

    Hello, I need to hire someone who can do the following:

    1. Assist to choose and set up a forum program, either vBulletin, UBB, Ikonboard, or YABB. I need to determine which has the best of these primary features:

    a) Able to handle large numbers of members.
    b) Can appoint several moderators to each category.
    c) Very secure against hackers editing messages undetected.

    2. The following custom alterations are needed.

    a) Make it possible for each member to display the following information under the avatar in the margin: country--region--age group--favorite quote--favorite link (as a clickable title).
    b) POP-UP THREADS. Normally, when you click on the title of a thread or topic, the discussion then appears in the same window--replacing the list of titles. I want the list of titles to remain--and for the discussion to appear in a new pop-up window. In normal HTML, this is done by adding <>target="blank"<>. I need someone to make sure a similar mechanism is added SAFELY to the forum board thread titles.

    3. Design a standard "home page" suitable for an inexpensive "self-replicating web page." I want to give each member of my forum a simple home page that includes:

    a) A large blank space where the member can put in any HTML they want.
    b) A banner on top that can not be removed by the member.
    c) Four "framed" areas at the bottom of the page that include:
    --Three frames that contain the titles page for one of my forums. These may be changed OR DELETED ENTIRELY by the member as desired.
    --One frame that can not be changed, including the titles page for one of my forums, as set by me.

    For example. In this forum, when you click on the forum, "HTML Questions"--this brings you to the page of discussion titles. I want such a page to show in one of the "frames" within the home page to be designed. Then, when the visitor clicks on one of the discussion titles--the discussion will open in a pop-up window.

    Anyone who can help me, please let me know here, with some idea of the cost if possible. Thank you.