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  • Escaping Frames

    Hi does any one know the code to take one out of a frame?

    I have my board load in a frame, but give the option of clicking the banner (which was the board url) and that seemed to take one out of the frame so you just have the board. However that was when I was loading the Ezboard.

    Now when I click the banner on the index, I stay in the frame. I`ve tried adding "target=_self" or "parent", but doesn`t work. Anyone know the trick?


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    so, you are saying that when you click on a link that it still loads in your frame? and adding target="_blank" doesn't help? should or am I missing something. you could try target="new-window" in the link.


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      Yep that`s about it. It`s not the same url as the board/site either, it just redirects there, and when the board was Ezboard I discovered that if I clicked the link it would load the board in the same window with no frames, which was cool. I had a preloading page saying "Loading please escape the frames click the banner at the top of the board."

      Think I`m gonna have to redesign a bit tho, b/c the board loads so past the that page often doesn`t get chance to come up. I didn`t really want it to open a new window but figured that`d be the only option as it no longer worked as before. It still doesn`t work though. Not the target="_blank" and I`ve just tried the target="new-window" and it still doesn`t work.

      Suppose people could always bookmark the board url itself, but I`d have preferred them to do it via the site itself.


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        one of those should have worked. what is the exact code you are working with?


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          <center><a href=""><img src="{imagesfolder}/spikebanner.jpg" border="0" target="_blank"></a></center>

          And I`ve also tried it with "target=_ parent/self/Main window/ new-window, and none of them work.

          See what I mean here. When you click the banner it just loads the page (the url is the board on it`s own sans frame) within the frame.

          I think I`ll have to resort to putting a "No Frames" link at the top of the links panel in Dreamweaver, and get that to load the board in the Main Window not the Main Frame.
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            that is because the target goes into the <a href> tag, not the img tag


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              ROFL! God that was staring me in the face and I couldn`t see it. I am such a moron!

              I`ve fixed it and got it to open now, sans frame. Thanks for your help, b/c I don`t think I would have spotted my mistake.



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