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Off Topic: Who here is an experienced PHP scripter ?

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  • Off Topic: Who here is an experienced PHP scripter ?

    This topic isn't off topic too far I don't think. Here's the story...

    I own a hip hop website, it generates a lot of News daily. I used to run the News page off a CGI script called "NewsPro", it was a good script except for one thing, my pages got too long to load.

    So I need to make a News script that has a administration panel where I can login with my Username and Password and add/ Delete/ Edit my News.

    From there I want it to go onto a specific page of mine and have it list like this:

    This is the News title - 11/17/00

    It would list the News title in a hyperlink and then you can click on the specific News you want, and from there it would goto a new page and have the text for it.

    I good example of what I want is this: 2Paconline News

    Thats basically what I want, have about 20 News titles on the page, then at the bottom it would have something like "Next 20". And people would get the last 20 News items.

    I also would want it to be able to have latest headlines for a SSI code on the side. That way I can have the top 5 latest news titles on the side of each page on the site. Kinda like what 2Paconline has.

    I found a script similar to this, PHP3 News Script

    I will pay you good, I'm not cheap. If you are interested, please Email me at [email protected] and we will talk about it and talk about the money.

    Fred Salari

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    It's been some time since I've used NewsPro, but I believe that it builds two files; one that contains news posts, and one for headlines. The headlines file is exactly what you're looking for.


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      No, I know what your talking about though. The headlines is basically a SSI code you stick on your site and it reads headlines.txt. Thats all.

      I need a whole new News script. Cause my site generates a lot of news, and it's better to just list the News name and then you click it to read the news.

      Headlines just gathers the latest x titles and puts it on the certain area of your site. It doesn't have the type of stuff I need in it.


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        Writing a scipt like that shouldn't be hard
        (just wrote a complete backend (no, won't give the url publicly), and I have to say it was easier then I thought )
        - Insert viable disclaimer here -



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