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Anyone recommend Banner serving software & Poll solutions?

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  • Anyone recommend Banner serving software & Poll solutions?

    We have a very seasonal site and previously, have hard-coded some banner rotation Java onto our pages. This has been fine before, but we can't accurately know how many ads have been served. This is no good for advertisers who want stats.

    There is now a good chance that we might be able to pull in very good money for 3 months advertising on our site, but need proper software now. When I say proper, the kind that can: track click-through rates, also how many ads have been served, that can 'dynamically' add in extra 'house' ads if things pick-up and you are otherwise going to serve too many client ads (scheduling), that has the option to serve banners rotated on a 'timed' basis on certain pages instead of just 1 ad per page i.e. top of our chat room, change ad every 2 minutes.

    We looked at outsourced solutions but they want a huge set-up fee of £thousands. So, we need a pro'ish software solution that is held on our dedicated server. We will pay £500-or-so I guess for the right software. The thing is, we looked at (banmanpro) but I think their own ads were served slow or something. So we then looked at $600 which looks like good software, but people were having problems on their forum (which was way out of date) and also, I have e-mailed the company 6 times over 6 months but no response - what kind of a company is that? Actually, just looking at their site again, that software doesnt appear to do the thing where you can tell it to spread 300,000 banners out over 3 months for instance - proper scheduling.

    So, does anyone know what we can do or any other forum/resources where I could post this query? Someone has suggested Adcycle and it's only $129. If we can get away with spending less than our budget, then great; although I don't think we will get the scheduling or the 'timed banners' features. But we need reliable, easy to set-up/use software fairly quickly now as we haved sold much of the space, some to major "name" companies.

    Also, we use sparklit polls at the moment but we've realised that we are missing out on loads of banner impressions when people come back to (regularly) check the poll progress. Can anyone code some for us, or tell us where to get the code for our own dedicated server?

    All help and advice is greatly appreciated. Thanks.

    JD (UK)

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    PHPAdsNew is the best banner rotation software I have seen. And the price is right

    It will do most if not all of the things you are looking for.


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