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i need a reliable CMS

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  • i need a reliable CMS

    CMS = Content Management System

    and i dont want VBportal, as this will run outside of my BBS, but not on a diff site

    im looking for a CMS that isnt like post nuke, php nuke, ect

    and i need it to be pretty customizable, php / mysql would be nice, but CGI would do...

    and please point me to certin scripts not like, ect if you can

    i want something like vbportal, but i dont want to use that - unless its worth it
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    Best way to do it in the end run.


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      Originally posted by Codename49

      Best way to do it in the end run.
      he asked for a CMS not books :-s

      i dont know of any others other then the *nuke ones. they seem ok. i wrote my own but those ones r betr.


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        There's only one book at that url. It's written for someone with no previous experience in programming and lists most things you would do building a cms thoroughly.


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          I use ezContents from VisualShapers <> it's a open source free CMS that simple to use and is under active development. Version 1.4 was just released and work is under way on versions 1.5 & 2.0.



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            i need something like this

   (my friend made it but its 300$)
            Running vB since 4-14-2002


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              Take a look at Mambo. It is open source and can be found here




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                Try having a look at EZ publish.
                It's big, and it'll eat your server whole, and is hard to set up. But I think it's quite good if you want to hand your whole site over to it - can be very powerfull.


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                  Nelogic's Net Publisher

                  Man better don't think of Nelogic's Net Publisher, I mistakenly bought it, its just at its begining and will take long time to improve. After buying it I regretted cause there are so many free CMSs are available with large number of features.

                  Let me try to give you some comparison:

                  In Net Publisher you:
                  1) Can not create sub category of a sub-category, you can go upto only 2nd level.

                  2) They still don't have any support documentation available.

                  3) Support is clumsy

                  4) By calling the variable in a page it brings featured articles, then the categories, you can not seperate them.

                  5) You can not create dynamic side blocks.

                  6) There is not theme or skin available, you are at your own

                  Now imagine when you compare such a product with PhpNuke (by the way i don't own or some other CMS like,, etc. there are many.

                  These are complete portal system (and best of all totally free check some at: Content Management Systems

                  You just name it and you have it, though you may not want to use all their features in the begining but gradually as you portal grows you will want to use them.

                  Nelogic's Net Publisher is just publishing articles, news and stuff with lots of limitations, so better think before buying, or you will regret like myself!


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