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PHP 7 Upgrade - vB 4.2.5

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  • PHP 7 Upgrade - vB 4.2.5

    Having issues upgrading PHP version from v5.6.40 to v7.0, or 7.1. Can anyone tell me what this error message is telling me? There's no code on line 4, so there's an issue with line 791 in forum.php?

    The admin panel still displays after the upgrade, and I can verify that versions change.

    Message from page, forum/forum.php

    Call to undefined function split() on line 4 in /home4/xxxxx/public_html/forum/forum.php(791) : eval()'d code
    #0 /home4/xxxxx/public_html/forum/forum.php(791): eval()
    #1 {main}
    From forum.php, line 791:

    ($hook = vBulletinHook::fetch_hook('forumhome_complete')) ? eval($hook) : false;

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    The split() function in PHP was deprecated with the release of 5.3.0 (released June 2009) and removed from PHP in 7.0 (released December 2015). We do not use it in any default vBulletin file.

    The error is actually occurring within code called from the database and sent to eval() on line 791 of forum.php. It is on line 4 of that eval'ed code.

    The error that you're getting is from a third-party plugin on the forumhome_complete hook. You can see a list of these hooks in your AdminCP under Plugins & Products -> Plugin Manager. Order the list of plugins by hook location. To resolve the issue, there are three options available to you:
    1. Review the code and update the split() calls to use explode() or preg_split().
    2. Contact the author of the addon to have them update it for you.
    3. Or uninstall the addon and remove it from your system.
    You can find out more information about this deprecation here:
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      Thanks Wayne. I'll look at plug-ins.


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