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  • PHP/HTML Noob

    So I have two quick questions hopefully. I'm using vbulletin 5 build 28. I've created page layouts and I'm trying to add a couple things to my front page. What I don't understand is the php and html modules. I don't understand where I'm at and what the module gives me... meaning... when I place a static html module on the page and go to edit the code... do I need to put in the html/head/body etc? For the php module... what is that doing for me?

    I couldn't figure out how to call my php script I need to run from inside the static html... so I just put the no kidding web address in an iframe. I know that's probably not the way to do it, but that's why I'm here asking the question :P

    Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

    My forums:

    Thanks a lot!

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    Did you look at the manual for those two modules?

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      Lynne, please feel free to smack me in the face for not looking for a manual...

      - - - Updated - - -

      Thank you.

      - - - Updated - - -

      Ok, so I tried both examples in the manual for the PHP module and neither of them worked.

      Basically my steps:
      Click edit page
      Add module
      Drag the php module down
      edit the module
      type in

      echo "Hello ";

      Save the page

      Watch nothing happen haha.

      I tried the other one as well.
      echo "Hello ". vB5_User::get('username') .", how are you doing today?";

      Any ideas?


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