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  • Mac Browser Problems

    Can anyone offer a guess as to why a user on a Mac using AOL IE would see a page this way:

    It makes it appear as if I have put a nowrap in the postbit cell containing the username/status/stars/location/interests. That would obviously be a stupid thing to do and if you look at the code of my showthread you will see the html is fine. No one else has reported this problem, be it Netscape/IE, Linux or Windows. Anyone seen this before?

    My postbit template: (i think I have sufficiently changed this around so that I can post it). None of the corresponding above and below cells in showthread have width paramaters. The cells to the right of this one all have width="100%".

    <tr bgcolor="$backcolor">
    <TD valign="top" align="left">
    <a name="post$postid"></a>
    <normalfont><B>$username $username1</B></normalfont><br>
    <smallfont>Registered: $userjoindate<br>
    Posts: $userpostcount
    <td valign="top" width="100%" colspan=2>
    <tr bgcolor="$backcolor">
    <TD valign="middle" align="left"><smallfont>$postdate $posttime</smallfont></td>
    <td valign="middle" width="100%" align="left" colspan=2>
    $profile$useremail $homepage <a href="search.php?action=simplesearch&exactname=yes&searchuser=$searchuser"><img src="images/find.gif" border=0 width="40" height="16" alt="Find more posts by $username"></a>&nbsp;$pmlink$icq $aim $yahoo&nbsp;<b><normalfont>|</normalfont>&nbsp;
    <a HREF="editpost.php?action=updatepost&postid=$postid&deletepost=yes"><IMG SRC="images/delete.gif" border="0" height="17" width="38" ALT="Delete Message"></a>
    <a HREF="editpost.php?action=editpost&postid=$postid"><IMG SRC="images/edit.gif" BORDER="0" width="28" height="16" ALT="Edit/Delete Message"></a>
    <A HREF="newreply.php?action=newreply&postid=$postid"><IMG SRC="images/quote.gif" BORDER="0" height="16" width="41" ALT="Reply w/Quote"></A>

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    You should use the 'width' attribute. Some browsers give the 'advantage' to the first column if you don't.


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