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What resources did you use to learn PHP/MySQL?

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  • What resources did you use to learn PHP/MySQL?

    Interested to know what resources anyone has used - from beginner to intermediate - in learning how to use PHP to create dynamic websites.

    Currently, I'm using Lynda, Learnable, and some O'Reilly books.

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    One of the best resources for learning php is their website at and use it often for examples.

    I learned MySQL by using Google to find scripts and examples showing how to write php code to query MySQL. The MySQL website is not very easy to use so I avoid it for the most part.


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      I started off with w3Schools, it was informative and explained the key concepts. I got examples from the official PHP website and also from Google.

      Learning PHP wasn't as difficult as I first thought it'd be.
      Aakif Nazir


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        Oh yes forgot about what a great resource. I learned a lot from this website.


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          Well you could argue I *don't* know php and MySQL. I certainly don't know them to developer standard but I've written quite a bit of stuff for my site and adapted a lot of code for other uses so I'm probably intermediate.

          I used....Notepad++ and the XMB forum software that my site started out on and used until 2003. Oh dear!

          More recently I took a basic php & MySQL course at college in the evenings, it was probably too basic for the level I'm at but it did give me formal certification that I wasn't completely clueless about it.

          (For one of the exams I had to build a simple database and website that pulled information from the database using php and displayed the results in dropdowns and via search css looked like a green vBulletin 3, which I was rather pleased with! )

          On top of that I'm a geek, obviously.

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            Yeah, Notepad++ and w3Schools definitively helped me along, the content there is well written and gets straight to the point. Would recommend it to all developers starting out on the web.
            Aakif Nazir


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              W3Schools is a bad place to learn anything. If you'd like reasons, go here:

              I like, and also, I love reading programming books.

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