This is a question that is kind of related seo and I am not sure about what
these results are.

I have been trying to fix that redirect problem and I think I have

I just would like some feedback about what this is

I was looking at Google webmaster tools and I noticed lots of crawl errors

Click image for larger version

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and I was not sure why the tags are there as I dont get tags indexed
but the main problem is this % being in the tag. It leads to a not found page and there are lots of them

So I had a look at my database, which I dont know much about, and when I look at the forum tables I find these temp tag tables

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They were all created on the same day and this was about the same day that I had that redirect problem

I do have a automatic tag plugin but have had it active for a few years with no real problems
It is now disabled and it has been for a few days

these tables were created on Feb 21, 2012 at 10:13 PM

I dont know much about the database side of it and know that there is probably a better place to ask such a question.

any help would be great