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    I am still pretty new to VB4, so please be gentle! I am running VB4 4.2 and need some help with my initial configuration. I am trying to create a "Home" nav tab that has a brief explanation of who we are/what we offer, and then 4 additional nav tabs that are essentially their own forums: Air Force, Army, Marines, and Navy. As of now, I have renamed the default "Forum" nav tab to "Air Force" and that has given me the functionality I desire. I see that this is pointed at the "Forum.php" file. So is there a way to duplicate this functionality for the subsequent nav tabs of Army, Marines, and Navy? If it helps you can view it here:

    I would greatly appreciate any help on how to accomplish this, or a better way to accomplish this - thanks.


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    HI, in Navigation manager, click on "add tab" then give it a title eg Navy Fill in the full target url inc the http:// of the page navy forum is at. Change to active and set the display order, click "save" repeat for your other tabs.


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      You can edit directly on navbar template by add html code like my webmaster forum or you can do as Donald suggested. Both are working well.
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