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HELP need for small custom script

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  • HELP need for small custom script

    Hi all

    I am intending to make a small family website.

    This is how I want it to operate :-

    Each family member will be given access to their information ( address, phone number , email etc ) to which only THEY can edit. This is so they can update their info wheever they want.

    All records should be visible to all members though, as all are from the same family.

    how hard will this be to do ? And can someone please help me do it if a script like this is not out already ?


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    it shud be extremely easy seeming as it uses hardly any functions and only very basic mysql functions


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      yup, but who can do it for me ??


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        Not that hard and you can do it yourself.

        Get a book ^_^

        PHP and MySQL Web Development

        Sams Teach Yourself PHP in 24 Hours

        Php Fast & Easy Web Development (Fast & Easy Web Development)

        I've used the three books above and learned enough to make a dvd database for me to use at home.
        There are only 10 types of people in the world: Those who understand binary, and those who don't


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          i might just do that ...

          but in the interim, anyone want to help me out ?? It is so small probably easier than a hack !


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            anyone ?


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              i fail to c an incentive for any1 to make this script for u im afraid.

              can u give any reason for y any1 wud want to make this script for u?

              the fact its easy isnt an incentive


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                cause i'm a nice person

                ok cyrus you'll need some sort of registration or is this an integration with vBulletin?
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                  @ megahard :-

                  there u go, cos PPN is a nice person ! No big reasons needed for a little bit of friendly help ... or is that MEGAHARD for u ??

                  Anyway, PPN, its got nothing to do with vbulletin ... just a stand aloen script ... I mean make it the smallest u want ! As long as it has the login and edit your details feature, Im a happy bunny

                  Thanks again PPN !


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                    I'm curious... why are you restricting family members from editing each others info?

                    I would have created a small script to allow anyone to edit any info for anyone. Then use .htaccess to protect the directory so only my family members have access (blocking the rest of the world).


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                      because I dont want one person going in and changing someone elses information ... but now that you mention it ... maybe if theres an edit option next to each name, and anyone who enter can edit it !

                      yes, very clever MA ... I would like that ... AND itd be much easier to do !

                      I would protect the directory via .htaccess

                      Thanks !


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                        so can anyone help me do this ?

                        I want to make a php run mysql backbone based site where I can add , edit and delete contact details for a specific person ( like tele no. , email addy etc)

                        It looks pretty simple ... can anyone help moi pleasssssssee !!!



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                          no one ??


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