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How can I get username to show up in a link? Creating "My Posts" button

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  • How can I get username to show up in a link? Creating "My Posts" button

    Hey everyone,

    To give the low-down, trying to create a my posts button for registered members. I'll have it showing next to New Posts link.

    I tried everything and thought finally this would work:

    search.php?do=process&exactname=1&searchuser={vb:raw bbuserinfo}&showthreads=1

    But the only thing I can get it to output when that happens, it shows as searchuser=Array

    I'm sure this will be a very quick answer from someone but I've tried everything and come to the conclusion of this:

    What am I forgetting/what do I need to do?

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    There is a mod that does this already, creates a "My Posts" button in the NavBar.

    If anything, you could look at the code to see how they put it together.
    To be updated...


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      What exactly do you want the My Post button to show? A list of created threads, posts, or something else?

      My Setup:

      I wanted a tab in the navbar called "My Posts" that if clicked will show me a list of threads that I've replied to, sorted by most recent post. So, like you, I spent a lot of time trying to come up with a way to do this, only to realize that vB already has something that will work. It's exactly what the current vb subscription system does, if you have the default set as "Subscribe with no notification" that is. Then my next problem was that that the only way to get to it was via the quick links drop down and as we all know, if you don't put it right in the members faces they'll never find it. I already had the Add New Tabs mod installed, so it was as simple as adding the below text and presto.

      PHP Code:
      My Posts|subscription.php=>self
      If that's not what you're looking then please disregard.


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