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Removing specific 'dead' pages from google cache - urgent!

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  • Removing specific 'dead' pages from google cache - urgent!

    Hey peeps

    A member submitted sensitive info on a forum page and has since deleted it from my forum but google is still showing this page as cached. I am being asked by a third party member to have this data removed immediately and I am very willing to comply.

    He suggested I add a noarchive meta tag to the head - if I did this on the main index.php page won't it will affect my whole site being found in google, I think.

    So is there anyway to add this noarchive tag to just the deleted page or is there any better way to go about this?

    Many thanks,

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      Thanks Punchbowl but I can't very well add the meta tags to, say, a page like this can I? -

      Again I'd like to get the robots.txt saying DON'T GO THERE to that particular page but since it isn't actually an individual page it can't. If I added it to the index.php am I correct in assuming no pages will be listed in google's search database?

      Note: Wasn't trying to sound rude!


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        seriously, I'd just delete the thread. Who's to say someone didn't take a screenshot anyway?

        Did you read the page I linked? You can instruct bots to avoid specific threads. You can remove specific pages from the cache if it's urgent too. It's in the article.


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          I did read it earlier, thanks. I registered and added my site then asked that the pages be removed. The stuff from my site already has been deleted but is still stored in google's cache. I followed their instructions about the robots but it said the page I asked was not a page (not belonging to a specific html or php file I believe it meant).

          We'll see how the removal requests go, cheers.


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