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[How to make] the poll check box checked and users cannot unchecked? (vBulletin 3)

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  • rossco_2005
    Disabled checkbox does not get submitted. I learned that the hard way too.

    You can use a hidden input field, example:
    HTML Code:
    <input type="hidden" name="postpoll" value="yes" />
    And if you want the checkbox to be visible (but it won't have any effect):

    HTML Code:
    <input type="checkbox" name="postpoll_fake" value="yes" id="cb_postpoll" tabindex="1" checked="checked" disabled="disabled" />
    (changed the name to "postpoll_fake")

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  • Lynne
    The best place to ask for help modifying the code is on, the modification site.

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  • [How to make] the poll check box checked and users cannot unchecked? (vBulletin 3)

    I want to make users must using poll in the threads

    - in newthread template, from this tutorial i already can make the check box to checked, by add entry "checked" in bold below

    <input type="checkbox" checked name="postpoll" value="yes" id="cb_postpoll" tabindex="1" $checked[postpoll] />

    - but i still cant make the check box Non Editable/Non Selectable, so users cannot unchecked it, i already tried this from that same tutorial page its says to add entry "disabled" like below in bold

    <input type="checkbox" checked disabled name="postpoll" value="yes" id="cb_postpoll" tabindex="1" $checked[postpoll] />
    its working the check box being Non Editable/Non Selectable, but after click Submit new thread button, its just pass the poll options page and directed to the thread page,

    its not working maybe because the check box really disabled, its just pass the checked check box, like there is no check box. Maybe using entry "disabled" is the wrong way

    please help guys, how to make the checked check box still working after click Submit new thread button, but the check box are already checked and cannot unchecked by users

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