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Novice In Need Of Advice Please?

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  • Novice In Need Of Advice Please?

    I have just recently purchased VBulletin Publishing Suite 4 and I need recommendations on which series of books to buy in order to learn how to program vB....I am totally and utterly clueless about CSS, HTML, PHP and MYSQL!

    I was thinking about the "For Dummies" series....anyway somebody, anybody, please help?!

    Love Hilary


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    my advice would be in this order(below) do not even touch PHP before you have extensive html knowledge why ? because you cannot run before you can walk PHP is a complete programming language it takes some time to learn it

    1)learn html & css (these belong together)
    2) learn PHP
    3) learn MySQL

    the "for dummies" books series aren't bad for people new to this and set yourself a testserver and try things out but do not exspect your first PHP script to be perfect it won't trust me if i would tell you how manny times my testserver crashed in the time i whas learning you would be laughing like hell.Last but not least if you want to learn to code for vBulletin have a look at allot of helpfull stuff there todo this and if you are stuck we are here to help you out


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      Also, always remember that google is your friend. If you need help with, say, the html to use to place images, then google "html images". Very often, will come up. I love that site as it is FULL of great reference material!

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