I've been trying to use the VB forum user table in other script and I succeeded
But every thing goes wrong when I try to use arabic password

when I use Arabic user name and English password it's OK but I can't Use Arabic password
even very simple password

Is there any thing I missed any preparation for the password or is there any other problem ?

here is the code I have used
PHP Code:
                        //بداية الربط                        
function get_VB_Pass($pass$salt)
$passhash md5("$pass"$salt");
$query_salt $kernel->db->row"SELECT salt FROM user u WHERE u.username = '" $kernel->vars['username'] . "'" );
//$_POST['password']=iconv("UTF-8", "windows-1256",  '$_POST['password']');
$_POST['password']= get_VB_Pass($_POST['password'],$row1['salt']);
//نهاية الربط 
I use windows-1256 in the forum and the script
as you see I have changed the salt to char(30)