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  • Mark Hensler
    a PERL sub would be a PHP function

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  • Kyleman
    I am going to trash this line of code:

    if (param("head"=0))
    $header = ""; $footer = "";}

    I discovered that I don't even need it because I am not using a header or footer!

    But now I have run into a new problem! This script has sub routines to run! So I don't know how to rewrite the routines from cgi to php. Here was the sub-routine codelet from a cgi script:
    &Admin if (param('action') eq 'admin'); # Admin
    &Download if (param('action') eq 'download'); # Filedownload
    &Modify if (param('action') eq 'modify'); # Modifys files
    &Modify2 if (param('action2') eq 'modify2');
    &Modify3 if (param('action2') eq 'modify3');
    &Makedirs if (param('action') eq 'makedir'); # Makes upload-directories
    &Makedirs2 if (param('action2') eq 'makedir2');
    &Remove if (param('action') eq 'remove'); # Removes files
    &Remove2 if (param('action2') eq 'remove2');
    &Password if (param('action') eq 'password'); # Changes password
    &Password2 if (param('action2') eq 'password2');
    &Upload if (param('action') eq 'upload');
    &Upload2 if (param('action2') eq 'upload2');
    &Search if (param('action') eq 'search'); # Search files
    &Search2 if (param('action2') eq 'search2');
    &Top if (param('action') eq 'toplist');
    &Rate if (param('action') eq 'rate');
    &Rate2 if (param('action2') eq 'rate2');
    &Stats if (param('action') eq 'stats');

    &Upview; # Views files (DEFAULT)

    That one was in cgi, and I don't know how to do it in php. If you can help me. PLEASE do.
    I also have a bit of another problem, when I am actually writing the sub routines, I can't do them in php. Here is the sub routine itself in cgi for the routine "stats":

    sub Stats {
    open(FILE,"<$datafile") || &Error("Error opening file $datafile");
    @database = <FILE>;

    foreach(@database) {
    my ($foo,$id,$date,$name,$type,$filename,$size,$author,$email,$description,$count,$info,$pic, $sup) = split('\|\|');
    $downloads += $count;
    if($size =~ "K") {
    $size =~ s/K//g;
    $total_size += ($size * 1024);
    } elsif($size =~ "M") {
    $size =~ s/M//g;
    $total_size += ($size * 1048576);
    } elsif($size =~ "G") {
    $size =~ s/G//g;
    $total_size += ($size * 1073741824);
    } elsif($size =~ "T") {
    $size =~ s/T//g;
    $total_size += ($size * 1099511627776);

    while ($total_size > 1024 and $length_descriptor ne 'T')
    $total_size /= 1024;
    $length_descriptor = ($length_descriptor ? ($length_descriptor eq 'K'
    ? 'M' : $length_descriptor eq 'M' ? 'G' : 'T' ) : 'K');

    $total_size = sprintf("%.2f",$total_size);

    print "Content-type: text/html\n\n";
    print "<html><body>\n";
    print "<br><b>Total files:</b> $counter\n";
    print "<br><b>Total filesize:</b> $total_size$length_descriptor\n";
    print "<br><b>Total downloads:</b> $downloads\n";
    print "</body></html>";

    I can convert most of that codelet there, I just can't do the first line of it!: sub Stats {

    How does this look in php? Thanks man.

    -Kyle. (This is an upload script.)

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  • Kaizen
    What are the errors you are getting?


    $header = ""; $footer = "";} 
    Should the one in bold be there ?

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  • Kyleman
    started a topic Help with codelet please...

    Help with codelet please...

    I keep getting some parse errors on this line of code:

    if (param("head"=0))
    $header = ""; $footer = "";}

    got any ideas? Would be excellent if you could correct this! Thanks, kyle.
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