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  • Intergration with .aspx

    I apologize if this is the incorrect section. Basically I have a friend who is developing a subscription based site for children's learning. She has paid an outside developer to create her site, due to my recommendation she had asked them to add a forum, aka Vbulletin to the site.

    She was told that it cannot work, because it cannot be implemented in that system. When I took a look at the site they where working on all I could gather was that they where using flash and .aspx with a login.

    Is it possible to merge a vbulletin login with an .aspx system?

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    If PHP and MySQL were components of the platform, then you'd be closer. ASPX is a totally different language to PHP (which vBulletin runs off). You'd have some difficulty in integration/bridge.
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      When a new user registers for your site you can create a new user server side automatically ( with custom coding of course in php) with the clients required user information.

      You could disable user registration and the ability for users to change their passwords from vb or recover them.

      Then from the powered site you can have them manage their password there for their login but don't allow them to change their vb password. Then when the user wants to login, make sure they are logged into the site then from their account management login them in when they click your forums link using a post to login them into the forums using javascript. Then you can run a scheduled task to sync the user groups or check and sync when the user's group when they logs in using some modifications.

      Since the password is hashed for vbulletin and the user doesn't know their vbulletin password the only way they can login is through your section that logs them into the forums. This way the user only need to use their single login to your website. You can then pass parameters to vbulletin's php scripts using post or create a custom script to better handle checking of requirements before logging a user in.


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        aspx files run on a windows server machine, so can php too. All they need is to instal fastcgi for the iis web server.
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          Originally posted by Dody View Post
          aspx files run on a windows server machine, so can php too. All they need is to instal fastcgi for the iis web server.
          Both languages can run on Linux, or Windows (With a bit of modding for ASPX on Linux). However, I don't think that is the posters question.

          The way that I would handle the multiple logins, is to completely bypass the ASPX-based login control, or somehow limit it. Use vBulletin to do the authentication, password creations, etc (unless that is you know how to get ASPX to do vB's Salt hashing on the passwords).

          As deuterium already pointed out that both languages are different, and handle things differently. But, you can get the two languages to "co-exist" and talk to each other. All it would take is a creative coder.


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