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  • automating forum creation

    If I have a list of 80 forums that I want to create on my website, is there away to write PHP code to create them?

    I currently have a list of these 80 forums in Excel.

    I tried searching in this forum and on GOOGLE for the answer, but could not find any answer.

    Is there a link within these forums that someone can point me to?

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    Import to table?

    Hi! I haven't received any response for my post so I went ahead and did a little digging.

    I checked the mySQL database on my website and found a table called "forum". I was thinking of analyzing this table and figure out a way to import my Excel spreadsheet through the phpMyAdmin utilities.

    Has anyone ever done this before? Are there any issues which I should be aware of before trying to do something like this?

    Thank you for any response!


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      Can you answer these questions?

      1) What soft of forum are we talking about, phpBB, vBulletin?

      2) Are we talking about 1 board with 80 forums on it, or

      3) are we talking about 80 boards each with their own forums?

      If (1 = TRUE && 3 = TRUE) { question($licensed * 80); // ? }


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        The best way I can think of is to export your Excel file into a CSV, and use PHP's fgetcsv() to parse it. From there, iterate through your data and use vBulletin's forum datamanager to create the forums. You should be able to get a more detailed picture on how the datamanager works by reading some of the code in admincp/forum.php.

        Also, off-topic, but the API documentation is still showing at version 3.7.
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          1 board, 80 forums

          Hi Floris,

          My plan is to have 1 board (= 1 website), with 80 different forum topics.

          So I would think that this is only 1 license, which I have.


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            board = vBulletin


            I forgot to mention, the board is an instance of vBulletin.


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              Data Manager

              Crimson! Thanks!

              Oh nice! I'll check out that link.

              I'm new to vBulletin, but not new to programming. I see that link contains functions that will allow me to do what I want.

              My only problem now is that there will be forums in my design that will act as categories that the forums will be contained in. I will have to figure out how to use this Data Manager to do this.


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                Then crimson's path is the way to go.


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