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Relationship between html, templates and php

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  • Relationship between html, templates and php

    Probably a newbie issue, so bear with me. (I looked in the online manual, and it didn't seem to cover this issue, nor did the FAQ section.)

    In working with the main admin at our site, I'm trying to get up to speed on the overall picture here with where the v2.0.3 board software and php fit/work together. (I am not an expert in .html, and I know it's suggested that unless you are fluent in html or php, that it's not a good idea to attempt any updates, I'm just trying to understand things overall.)

    1) When I go to the site, and all the various forum choices show up, (like Asylum, tailgating, etc,) is that directory page with all the different forums considered the php page, (or is it a template? (Furthermore, would each forum then be considered a separate template?)

    2) When you do updates to the v2 board, (like when someone here suggested a fix involving the removal of certain code), where do you make that change, in the html of that same page/template you're on?

    I've looked to make certain code changes with regards to the bug about images not uploading and reporting instead a message 'wrong extension...etc' The suggestion was to alter the "on/off" code. But I couldn't find the code in the control panel area.

    3) Does all the updating get done in the php section, or does some get done in the template section?

    Thanks to any and all who can assist, or at least clue me in.

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