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  • DBK
    • Jul 2005
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    Cache problem

    Here's an html related question. I have a different website using an image viewer I use to sell fine art from. I went in an changed an XML file that had the pricing of all the art in it, and when I cleared my cache, everything looked good. That was a few weeks ago.

    Well, today someone bought a painting from the site and paid the old $1400 price instead of the change to $1700. When I click the "buy it now", it comes up for me as $1700. How did he get the old price? Is there a way I can make sure people who are visiting the site that have visited previously aren't getting the old cached version of the flash file embedded in the HTML page?
  • mlx
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    • Jan 2001
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    Hard to tell without more details, but that almost sounds to me like I could tell your shopping cart that "my" price is $1 ... maybe by manipulating some GET or POST variable?

    Never ever trust user input there (including hidden input fields). Make sure that your shopping cart "knows" the correct price.

    I'm just guessing though.
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    • MRGTB
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      • May 2005
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      You could use the no-cache tag.

      Like this below;

      Read more about it's use here, also search google about it.

      From what I can gather, it tells both search engines, and peoples browsers not to cache content, so each times they visit they will see changes made on that page straight away, instead of there browsers displaying an old copy of there last visit to that page which was cached. As in your case. Just be aware though, if you display web-pages that take a long time to load, using the no-cache option will not be good really. You should have light-weight, fast loading webpages when using no-cache.

      But I would advise you also use the "re-visit" tag as well to tell search engines to come back after a certain time, to keep your webpages indexed up-to-date in search engines.

      again read more here:
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