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Help! Using a variable's value as part of another variable name

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  • Help! Using a variable's value as part of another variable name

    I'm tearing my hair out over this and if someone doesn't help me out soon I'll be left bald before I'm 20!

    I've got a variable defined like $kind = "agent"; and would like to use the value of this variable (agent for example) as part of another variable's name, like this:

    I want a variable called $agent_list. How can I do this without having to type 'agent' again, and instead calling the value of the $kind variable? I can't find the correct syntax in all the PHP books I've got and don't really know where to look. The closest I can find is $$kind to make a variable called '$agent' but I want the variable to be called $agent_list because I want to set a few variables with the word 'agent' in them.

    Here's the full code for my function at the moment - wherever it says $kind that's where I want the value of $kind inserted, often to make a new variable name:

    PHP Code:
        function area_match($kind) {
    do_query("SELECT " $kind "id FROM " $kind "_area WHERE $where_string");
            while (
    $data mysql_fetch_array($result)) {
    $kind_list[] = $data['${$kind}id'];
    $kind_list array_unique($kind_list);

    $where_string $kind "id = '";
    $where_string .= join("' OR " $kind "id = '"$kind_list);
    $where_string .= "'";
            if (
    $where_string == $kind "id ='"$where_string "areaid = '999999'";
    Your help is much appreciated!

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    PHP Code:
    $kind "agent";
    "\$" $kind "_list=\"blah\";");
    // blah


    $kind "gent";
    echo ${
    // blah 


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      and if...

      Thanks Max Albert,

      And to extend this question, one other thing which I never seem to be able to do. I want to declare certain variables to be global, where those variables are part of an array. For example:

      PHP Code:
      $global_var = array("something""thingy""variable3"); 
      where "something" refers to the variable $something etc.

      I want all of these variables in the array to be defined as global, like:

      PHP Code:
      global $something$thingy$variable3 
      I think that should make sense. How do I do this?


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        try this:
        PHP Code:
        $global_var = array("something""thingy""variable3");
        foreach (
        $global_var as $tmp) {
            global ${


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