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  • phpnuke

    well i hope this is ok to ask but anyways i am tryint o install phpnuke on my site i have used a free sql db to start with and i install all files to my server then chmod them as said to do so everything seems to run fine i can goto all options and see everything fine excpt when i goto admins i log in then goto preferences and whether i edit anything or not if i click the submit changes<as said dont even have to edit anything just click it> i get this as an error
    Parse error: parse error in config.php on line 85
    Warning: MySQL Connection Failed: Can't connect to local MySQL server through socket '/var/lib/mysql/mysql.sock' (111) in mainfile.php on line 33
    Unable to select database
    now i reuploaded the config php and then refresh the page and it realods the old configured php file adn runs fine can soemone tell me where the bug is here by this error please

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    Does the database you are trying to select exist?
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    PHP 4.0.6
    MySQL 3.23.39
    Windows 2000


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      yes i said it works fine till i select to modify the prefs in the nuke prefs for admin like if i select to change the sites name or anything in prefs hell for that matter if i just hit the submit button and no changes it still give this error


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        are u sure that your hosting support php4 ?


        which version u used?

        are you sure that use nuke 5.0.1 final ?
        and u download it from tha main site


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          Do u happen to run it on a Windows machine? I had this also on my home machine running Win2k.
          The problem is, that phpnuke doesn't write the quotes (" ") to not to be parsed with PHP. So the footer line may looks sth like this:

          footer1="<a href="linkname">text</a>....";
          It should, however, look like this:

          footer1="<a href=\"linknam\">text</a>...";
          So you either need to edit those lines manually with an editor and upload the config.php or insert the backslashes in the message boxes. You need to this everywhere where the quotes are used.
          I don't know where the error is since it works well on a linux server.


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            ill try editing it later my domain supports php 4.06 and i chose a linux hosting package when i bought it i just figured it was error in script maybe i didnt know but as i said it all works fine untill you click the submit button in prefs then it gives that sql error i was tetsing it with a freesql account so maybe that is where the rror is from i didnt wanna try adding it to my db with my vb and mess it up oh well thanx for help


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              Hmmm, funny, I had no problems at all with Redhat Linux...


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