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php+mysql article system - ALMOST done - how about multiple pages?

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  • php+mysql article system - ALMOST done - how about multiple pages?

    Hi guys

    I made a whole article system (including admin panel etc..) but I want to add something that breaks the article in several pages

    I saw posts about a solution which builds an array of pages by detecting a <page> tag in the article field (added when an article is authored)

    ... sounds perfect BUT how about the stability? On long term will my server get tired of building arrays everytime an article page is viewed?

    Thanks for your input on this
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    by the way the system can be seen live here:
    (click on the items in the list to display)

    this particular link shows my system used to display "press releases" (for musicians) but I want to port it so I can use it to publish larger documents (tutorials, interviews, product reviews...)
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      can't help you with your problem. I'm very interested in what you are developing. Are you going to be selling it and supporting it?

      I am looking for a way to publish an articles section.

      p.s. I took a look around your site and it it sweet. I think I may be visiting again.


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        My system works pretty well actually... I am not sure what i'll do. I am still developping all the components I need fo rmy personal or client projects, and when i'll be done we'll see

        thanks for the kind words
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          Wow, that's really nice . It's something very close to what a client of mine wants actually! If you are interested in licensing it, i'd be pretty interested .

          I don't need the multi-page thing, but would definitely be interested in licensing it if email support would be available in the event of any problems?


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            Any chance you could attach screenshots of the admin stuff? I'm very interested to see how people write the news documents in these types of programs, how you add pictures, etc...


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              I think I seen a tutorial somewhere on this.. at like or something..

              if you still need this, just ask me I have it somewhere.. ohh and just picked up a few books that might help...


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                A little late but a few thoughts. For my CMS that I wrote, I have mutliple pages by using arrays. Now, I've tested this with massive articles and hundreds of pages and it works, however I haven't tested with many people viewing a large article.

                How I do it is grab the aid and page and then get the data from the db and then explode("[PAGEBREAK]", $text). [PAGEBREAK] is the code a user enters to have the article split up into many pages. Then to have the title for that certain page I do another explode, which is $stuff = explode("|^|", $text) then assigen $stuff[0] = $title;
                $stuff[1] = $text;
                echo $title, $text;

                However, once again, this could be very slow and to cope with this and survive a higher load, I"ve had to change a few things around so that I was able to remove 8 str_replaces in my page. My recommendation to you, is to add another table called pages, with aid,pid,content,title and then each page would go into that, and you can easily work from there. That seams to be the most efficient way of doing it as it removes the neccessity to have two explodes()

                Just my 2 ยข's


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