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How can i use vBulletin's .HTM version?

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  • How can i use vBulletin's .HTM version?

    i'm using vB 3.6 .php version.
    i want to use .htm version, how can i use this ?

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    Ask your hosting provider to read .php files as .html files. It is still PHP, but it reads all extensions as .html as PHP then. If you use .php I recommend sticking to that.


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      Carn't you just download it in the members area, it says

      More Download Options >> PHP File Extension >> .html


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        As far as I am aware, you can view the board in HTML mode, but you can't post or do any other actions like that. PHP works by processing the various commands, say PHP includes, and after being parsed, it will appear on your PC's browser in HTML (you can see by right mouse clicking and selecting view source).


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          Also if you use vB SEO you can set the PHP files to be read as .HTM files, vB SEO will convert all your PHP files to .HTM making it more browser and searchbot friendly.
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            vBSEO does nothiung of the such.

            the .html veriszon of vBulletin is the same as the .php version but instead of
            showthread.php?t=X its showthread.html?t=X

            vBSEO uses mod_rewrite to rewrite urls. It does not actaully rewrite the fiels thougth


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              i uploaded my vb's .html version and edited config.
              showing like this
              this mean my hosting not supported php using in html?


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                No, most do not. It is an exception when this happens, and that's why we offer the download for it. Like I mentioned, ask your hosting provider first if they can change this to have .html execute as .php


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                  Create a .htaccess file in your root forums directory or if you already have one add this code to the file.

                  AddType application/x-httpd-php .html
                  This will execute the .html pages as PHP and should work for you.


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                    You will also have to revert all your templates and import the XML files for language, style and adminhelp in your install directory. You can use tools.html for this purpose after you upload your new files.
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