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What are you guys using to edit the PHP?

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  • What are you guys using to edit the PHP?

    I've tried Wordpad, Notepad, even MSWorks.

    Every program warps the codes and it gets messed up before I even start editing.

    What are you guys using.

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    Notepad works fine for me



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      Notepad works at first, but then when I save it, it all wraps into one big txt bulg. Plus, the search field was too small.

      Anyway, I download textpad and it's wonderful.


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        (Oh, and moving to PHP Coding)


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          TextPad is another great text editor and includes a PHP plug in to make everything look all nice and pretty.
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            I like UltraEdit. Plus, it's great to do newsletters in, because it has a handy "Word Wrap After X Characters", then "Convert Word Wrap To LF" functions, makes it easy!
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              I hate using notepad.... I have TextPad set up on my system as the default text editor and of course use it for PHP coding as well.. it's nice since it has color syntax hilighting as well. UltraEdit is nice too.


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                Am I the only one who uses emacs?? It seems that most of you code in windows, which is very surprising to me.
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                  homesite, which has cool php keyword-coloring


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                    Re: WOW

                    Originally posted by customcpu
                    Am I the only one who uses emacs??
                    Well ok... I do *some* stuff in vi... but most of the time I find it much easier to develop and test on windows.



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                      I use Arachnophilia.
                      Its good for just about every kind of internet programming language you can think of.



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                        NoteTab Light is all you'll ever need.... this free app is amazing ..... sorry but i had to do this hehe

                        NoteTab Light is the ultimate free Notepad replacement and a capable HTML editor. A slimmer version of the award-winning NoteTab Pro, this slick application makes text editing a breeze. Move quickly around a stack of large
                        files with a simple tabbed interface. Format your text to your heart's content. Write with the font of your choice, fixed-width or proportional.

                        If you need to cut and paste chunks from a pile of files, forget the Clipboard: you can set up a Paste Board file to save text clips automatically. Strip HTML tags from your files. Call up complete document statistics instantly. Use
                        powerful, system-wide search and replace tools.

                        Speed up your work with text macros: you can use them as shortcuts, or even to auto-replace those persistent typos. Handy sample macro libraries are supplied, and you can easily build your own. Make the most of NoteTab's many options to suit your own workstyle.
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                          I'll stick with textpad

                          Best damn text tool I've ever seen
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                            No, really.

                            Also nedit on UNIX, and looking at Screem.


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                              Has anyone created definitions for PHP word highlighting (for the mentioned editors that support custom definitions) that you would care to share?
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