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    I am having problem with Netscape which is rendering my tables screwy.

    I am using three columns with a menu in the first on the body in the second and more info in the third. In the body there is an image set to 100% width which makes netscape have a scroll bar to the right.

    How can I fix this to work in netscape.

    Sample URL: (checkerboard image under the title image)

    Thanks in advanced!

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    my experiences with images, and Netscape, is that there is no such thing as percentages. If you have a image to add in there, this is just a suggestion on how I sneak by it, for its the only solution I have found to work. I am assuming this problem in your home page, and not your forums. Basically, Netscape is a hardcoding, and no excuses type of browser. The standard in web pages has changed with IE being a little more forgiving to those who like to cut corners. (myself included. I hate Netscape truthfully)

    lets say this is your IMG addy.
    <IMG SRC="

    Now add " to the end of the gif. so it looks like this.

    1)<IMG SRC=""

    Now add the height and the width like so.

    2)<IMG SRC="" height="100" width="100">

    Im sure you know about the other trivial things like ALT, and all of that, so I will leave that be.

    Depending on where you want the text, there is alignment issues to, that throw off the tables, and alignments of what you have added. It basically pushes things out of the way.

    <IMG SRC="car.gif" HEIGHT="100" WIDTH="100" ALT="car" ALIGN=RIGHT> (the height and width are variables that you can change and make them the size you want...i just threw 100x100 as a example)
    Text can work its way around your pic to the left, instead of pushing the image due to spaces...etc...(they eat up web space to) You can usually align to the left (default) right, center, middle, top, bottom..etc...maybe thats the trick...

    I dont know if you have tried any of this yet or not, so dont take it as "this is the way its done", because there is very little info provided in your post..
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      Netscape is actually rendering it correctly. You're not supposed to have an IMG with 100% as the width or height. If you want that effect, you should make bar.gif a background image.


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        I figured that but assumed it was 100% of the table cell... I will try the bg image as that was one thing I thought about trying before as well..


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