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  • HAHA (partly off topic) - Netscape

    From this forum's description: "Netscape misbehaving?"

    HAHAHAAHAH!!! How true is THAT?

    Which brings me to the question, does anyone else have trouble with the rowspan=X attributes in a table in Netscape?

    Go here and look at the ad banner space. (Note: this WILL show up fine in Netscape)
    Now, go here - THAT is what it looked like when I was trying to use rowspan=X tags.

    I eventually figured out a way to get around it, as you can see by the layout.html's source code.

    So, anyone?
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    I've given up on making stuff NN compatible, I have someone that will do it for me

    Whenever something looks great in IE, it looks really bad in NN
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    - Insert viable disclaimer here -



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      I H8 Netscape

      Originally posted by Menno
      Whenever something looks great in IE, it looks really bad in NN
      What about if something looks great in NS, how does it look in IE then...... I dont think I have ever had anything worthwhile(sp?) work in NS


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        enter mozilla developer...

        first, most pages that look bad in netscape are because of bad html. IE is more linient, so people have been clumsy. Hell, amazon had 2 <map> tags opened instead of one that was causing problems and we had to catch it for them.

        looking at the html, it's way over complex for what you want to do. Just use 4 images, up, bottom, left and right of the ad you want. Your html also does not validate at all.



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          I just looked through the entire code doing one table at a time and still in NS there are:
          1. No Table backgrounds and
          2. There is a extra column in the table.

          IE is perfect though


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            IE is what??????


            find out the truth!



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              stupid thing phucked my URL


              take out the space



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                Originally posted by doron
                most pages that look bad in netscape are because of bad html
                Most, but not all. Don't try to tell us that NS processes HTML perfectly, because there are alot of W3C specifications that NS just does not comply with.
                Many of which have to do with tables, NS just can't understand tables.


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                  the biggest problem with NN is that it's too stringent in its interpretation of HTML.

                  they don't take into account that the vast majority of sites out there are written by people who have little or no HTML skills and leave open tags all the time.


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                    I have always made it a point to make sure my webpages are written in a very clean, and understandable way so that when I need to edit them later on, its a piece of cake. My code is always valid, no open tags. I check it with a few different validators, usually the built in HomeSite validators, but I use others too.
                    IE shows the pages just how I want them, NS on the other hand looks like...what's the point, it'd get censored anyway


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                      Don&#039;t even get me started on this one...

                      I had a look at what Nutscrape 6 did to my site ( ) the other day, and having spent about a week last year trying to stop NS 4x from $%"!!& it all up, I now find that NS6 has a completely new way of $&!!%$ing up my site...

                      Why can't Micro$oft hurry up and kill Nutscrape completely? I hate it sooooooo much!


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                        The way I look at it is this

                        1) If someone is weird enough to surf using Net Scape than they are used to the fact that they run into problems all over the net.

                        2) I am not going to spend hour after hour after hour after hour to make my site look good for a small percentage of misguided users.

                        3) Most netscape users keep IE available cause they know they are going to have problems - they just have some hatred of Microsoft and think that by using Netscape they are hurting Microsoft.

                        And for those that have stong feelings of dislike for Microsoft - imagine how much software would cost if their was big time competion in the browser/operating system wars. If a developer had to spend the time to make an app work in five to ten different operating systems the prices would skyrocket out of all but the biggest companies range - and we all would be the biggest warez users out there.


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