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  • Help with some PHP, MySQL, and HTML

    Ok, I am having some trouble here. I am making a simple script which will load contents out of a table into a text box, so I can edit it, and then modify it. (I am using this to manage the content of my pages). But, because the page i am loading out of the table has a closing </textarea> in it, it closes the text box, and then everything's all messed up.

    Like here:

    What can I do to fix this?

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    well, you could always do an eregi_replace() on all < and > tags to these html codes for them : &lt; for < and &gt; for >


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      say the $text variable contains the text to be displayed in the textarea:

      PHP Code:
      $text htmlspecialchars($text);


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        Isn't it a browser interpretation problem anyway?


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          it's not a problem. You just have to make sure the textarea content doesn't conflict with the html code. htmlspecialchars converts some chars to html-entities (like the ", ', <, > etc..) so the html won't be broken.


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            Yes, but when displayed in a textbox, they won't be interpreted as html. They will remain as character codes.


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              nope....when the text for instance is like this:

              $text = "blabla </textarea> blabla";

              and you wanna display it inside of a textarea, the textarea will be broken, because the html ends up like this:

              <textarea>blabla </textarea> blabla</textarea>

              When you use html_specialchars first, it will be like this:

              <textarea>blabla &lt;/textarea&gt; blabla</textarea>

              and it will display correctly


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                Thanks Mas*Mind it worked!!! Now I have that all done, thanks a lot!!
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