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Backup memory limits?

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  • Backup memory limits?

    I've been trying to do a forum backup and I keep running out of memory. I get an error telling me the MySQL client ran out of memory and the process stops. I put in a service request to my hosting company, and this is the reply they sent back:
    The issue you reported to Network Solutions on 8/15/2006 07:57:12 AM and assigned Service Request 1-241084184 has been completed and closed.
    40 MB is not large compared to files you may have on your personal computer, however, it is fairly large for a MySQL database, and it is too large for a single PHP script to manage to backup with the memory available to PHP. Thank you for your patience.
    The AdminCP panel is telling me that there's no PHP memory limit. So...can anyone clue me in? What's my next step? Thanks. -Rod-

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    Next step?

    Start backing up using the shell...


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      Won't work. Don't ask me why, but SSH'ing to my database puts me inside the database itself. And commands can't be executed from there. I went through this problem 6 months ago when I initially tried to load the database in. It simply wasn't possible, and I consulted everyone here and on MySQL's forum during the process.

      The host does have an online panel that maybe will handle it...or maybe not. Their upload limit at the time was 5 megs (part of the problem as outlined above). Dunno about downloads.

      Regardless...I'm sort of more interested in the next step in my reply back to the hosting company. Are they correct or are they not? There are MUCH larger databases out there than this puny 40 megger. And my AdminCP is telling me there's NO PHP memory limit. -Rod-


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        They are correct, as backing up via the ACP is only for small databases - usually around the 1 to 2 megabyte area.


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          Odd. My last backup was a tad over 30 megs. And still nothing's been said about "NO PHP memory limits". -Rod-


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