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  • PHP Database Front end?

    This doesn't have anything to do with VB, although VB is what showed me the advantages of PHP and started my search. I've been scouring the net for a few days looking for free or low cost (although I'd entertain anything if it was really good) PHP front end for my MySQL database but have had no luck.
    My database is basicly a user searchable and viewable database of categorised antiques (furnature, art, collectibles, etc.) with an html reference to a picture, description, appraised value, etc.
    The first thing I tried was a Perl database E-Commerce type catalog system. It's OK but I'd like something a bit more robust with a better seperation of user and administrator functions. The admin functions are especially important to me. As it is I have to set a flag in the cgi to allow myself to edit the database to keep people from having to stare at login and admin functions they can't use and manually edit a few dozen templates just to change a few colors. And since I ditched one perl script (UBB) for a much better PHP one I figured I should stay consistant.
    I haven't found anything even remotely decent yet so I thought I'd take a shot and see if anyone here has already discovered a decent script that would work well.
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    try phpmyadmin

    I would try PHPMyAdmin.

    You can get it at

    Hope this helps.



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      I'm not looking for a full admin tool (I already use PHPMyAdmin for that )
      Maybe some specifics for what I'm looking for. Frontend probably isn't the right word for it since what I'm looking for is more both ends.

      I'm looking for something for my users to be able use to browse & search an item database with the output going into a (as easily as possible) customised page or table (a Table would be perfect for an include). They would have to be able to search by any of several columns of information and results would have to be spread over as many pages as it took to display all matches (perhaps in lots of 20 or even by a user defined number per page) as my item database currently contains over 10,000 items.
      I'd also like the users to be able to submit new items to me through a Web Based interface, which would include a picture of the item, into a seperate, temporary database which I can then go through and transfer to the main viewable database after approval (to reduce abuse).
      Basicly, an inventory catalog type of script with some extra functions and some reduced admin functions. I've been using WebDB from but it suffers from a lot of code I don't need and me not being anywhere near proficient with Perl can't strip out the unused code and modules. Not to mention that PHP could likely perform the functions I am in need of in a much smaller, much more efficient way and is far easier to work with when it comes to my site layout.

      I've been doing my homework though and have a semi-working script but being that it is my first real script and I'm still learning it's not done very well (it's actually pretty bad) so I'm taking a shot that there's a cript out there somewhere that I can use until I develop my own script fully since I know only a script I write will do exactly what I want.


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