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    I've just set up my vbulletin board etc and I've been adding a couple of hacks from the hack forum but what I'd really like to know is how to write my own scripts/hacks etc and learn all about how the various templates works etc. Could someone recommend which path to take on my learning process.

    A good response would be appreciated. I know I'm obviously going to have to buy some books but I'd also like a good forum to visit as well for advice etc.
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    Best way is just learn php first and then after that just look thou vB's templates and files. That was the best way for me to learn maybe not you, but hope this helps...


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      I humbly disagree. is the WORST place to *learn* PHP. I suggest SitePoint, DevShed, and of course PHP books. Look for a post by eva2000, and look for the books he has listed in his signature. Or do a search here for PHP Books. is a great reference, but only AFTER you know what you are doing.

      The best way to learn, IMO, is by learning the syntax, playing with scripts, and modifying them to suit your needs. That's how I learned.



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        I learned my way around PHP by taking apart vBulletin Lite - there's all sorts of useful code in there that you can play around with to find out how stuff works.


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          Believe it or not...I started formt he PHP manual, but soon found out I wanted to learn how to do database stuff. I found sitepoint to be very useful along with other scripts I downloaded and studied. One of which is vBulletin (im really impressed with the complexity of the code) and they use more advanced techniques to make it go much faster. Thats how I learn most languages, I see scripts/files already done and try to figure them out.

 is definately only for reference tho, so I suggest dropping by google and searching for "PHP Tutorials"

          youll most likely find a whole bunch.

          good luck


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            Although I am still very new at this... I have to reinforce the prior posts regarding SitePoint - that has proven to be a very valuable resource.

   a good book on the subject. I used PHP Essentials by Julie Meloni and am currently going through a bigger book called Beginning PHP4. Between the books, playing around with the code and having a good support system (i.e. SitePoint has answered many of my questions) you should be well on your way.


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              Good PHP books....

              Hey, yeah I've been learning the PHP language myself recently (awesome language!). If you are already good at javascripting, and you've had just a tad of experience with PERL, PHP should be a breeze for you. Oh yes, and PHP essentials is OK, but it is out of date and some codings don't work in the book (which gets really frustrating!) and I'm not saying this being unfair to the book, because I ALWAYS try a coding for about 4 hours or at least 30 tries before I give up on it. I have a book called Professional PHP programming by The "Wrox" publisher. It is pretty good, but has some pretty big programming words -- and if you do the first 100 pages on PHP essentials then you can go to the Wrox book and skip to the fourth chapter.

              But also a good suggestion is go to and browse through the PHP books availabe. Then you can read reviews and stuff, and see which PHP books you would want, if you didn't want to get the books I reccommend below...

              I reccommend getting the PHP essentials book (watch out for codes not working!) Also get the Professional PHP Programming book, and also get "MySQL (The Other New Riders)" and read those three in order. But in the PHP essentials book, the first script that doesn't work is a PHP browser redirection script. Also a script after that doesn't work in which it is SUPPOSED to display an external CSS file to show up on the page depending on the web browser.

              Hope that helps!

              Gregory C.
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              Gregory C.


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                Sites with tutorials

       (links to tutorials, all rated)
       (good tutorials)

                I really like hotscripts, not only for the tutorials, but for the ratings and comments, plus they got thousands of PHP scripts, from super simple to super complex. Great stuff to learn from.


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