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    I'm wanting to give grades to my students. I have created an empty database called grades. I want to create a table with 3 items: section, id(ss#), finalgrade.

    How do I write php code to retreive the grade based on id?

    BTW I have the data as an ascii text: section, SS#, finalgrade format one record per line.

    How do I create the table and load it with the data in the ascii file?

    Can I do this with php?
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    the main mysql query you shoudl be using is:

    SELECT * FROM grades WHERE id = '$studentid'

    So when submitting a form, use the ID your lookign for as the variable, and it will pull up the entire Row record for all matching ID #'s


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      here is a more complete look

      If you have your mysql database set up like so:

      Table: grades

      | id | 1 |
      | ssnumber | 123456 |
      | grade | 98 |

      Then you can select data from it like so:

      PHP Code:
      $sql "SELECT * FROM grades WHERE id=$id"// id is a value from a field
      $result mysql("database",$sql) or die("failed to issue query");
      $numrows mysql_num_rows($result); // not always necessary, only if retreiving more than one row, in this case, we are not

      for($i=0$i<$numrows$i++) {
      $id mysql_result($result,$i,"id"); // grab the id
      $ss mysql_result($result,$i,"ssnumber"); // grab the ss number
      $grade mysql_result($result,$i,"grade"); // grab the grade
      print "$id - $ss - $grade<br>\n";

      The for() loop is only necessary if you have more than one row, and in this case you don't. In this case, you could have also taken out the $i and replaced it with a 0 for the mysql_result() calls.

      Hope this helps.

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        fine..... I'll take the harder part

        This is quicky code.... meaning it's untested.
        Someone plz proof.

        [fake file]
        section 1,123-45-6789,a
        section 2,928-54-7669,c
        section 3,715-48-7521,b
        [/fake file]

        PHP Code:
        // create DB connection
        // somewhere up here

        // update path to your file
        $data_file "/path/to/fake_file.txt";

        // open and read file into an array

        // loop through the lines
        for ($i=0$i<=count($file); $i++) {
        // get the data from the line
        list($section,$id,$grade) = split(",",$file[$i]);
        // shove the data into the DB
        $query "INSERT INTO grades (section, id, finalgrade) VALUES('$section','$id','$grade')";
        $result mysql_query($query);
        // did it get in the DB successfully?
        if (!$result) die("\n<BR>\nQuery Error: $query\n<BR>\n");


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