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    I am learning some perl and understand that you can compile a perl module and have it run in the background via an interpreter so it runs as a system program/service.

    What I am asking is, can PHP do the same? If so, what program(s) are needed to do this, because I need to have this for a shopping cart im creating.

    Its needed for automated code that normally, php cannot do unless it is called upon. So I was just wondering if anyone knew.


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    figured it out, nevermind


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      I'll just interject I highly recommend FastCGI ( over mod_perl.



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        why on earth would you use fast cgi over mod perl? mod_perl is supported on so many more servers, and is a lot faster.

        and Theiggsta

        if you answer your own question, post the answer, somebody may be asking the same question.



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          It uses a lot less ram, mod_perl can add a few meg to every httpd process. It lets you control the # of processes you are running. The processes can be located on a remote host from the webserver itself. It is supported by many web servers including apache, roxen, zeus, IIS, and netscape's. You can also use fastcgi with C/C++, python, java, and tcl not just perl.

          I just wanted to be sure people knew there were options other than mod_perl.



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            Well you need to make a script run in a commonly called script that does these automated functions.

            PHP version 5 is remored to have an interpreter for this, so im waiting for something special.