Hi everyone!

I need to import a large number of email messages that I have stored in an Access database into vBulletin. (Right now I am just doing this on my Win2000/IIS5 laptop, I haven't gone live with vb yet).

I guess my first step should be taking my Access data and importing it into MySQL. I think I can do this using PHPMyAdmin pretty easily, I see it handles CSV data files which I can dump from Access.

Now comes the 'difficult' part, at least for me. I need to read all of these email records by their normalized subject (the subject without the RE or FW prefixes in it), create a new thread if it doesn't already exist for that subject, then create the post itself.

My import table looks like this (this is the standard table layout created from the Outlook to Access import utility):

Table_Name         Data_Type   Sample_Contents
ID                 LongInt(4)  32193
Importance         LontInt(4)  1
Icon               Text(255)   IPM.Note
Priority           LongInt(4)  0
Subject            Text(255)   RE: Question about something
From               Text(255)   Chris Schreiber
MessageToMe        Yes/No      0
MessageCCMe        Yes/No      0
SenderName         Text(255)   [email protected]
CC                 Text(255)
To                 Text(255)   [email protected]
Received           Date/Time   7/7/2000 2:59:32 PM
MessageSize        LongInt(4)  3023
Contents           Memo        This is my question here
Created            Date/Time   7/7/2000 2:59:32 PM
Modified           Date/Time   7/7/2000 2:59:32 PM
SubjectPrefix      Text(255)   RE:
HasAttachments     Yes/No      0
NormalizedSubject  Text(255)   Question about something
ObjectType         LongInt(4)  5
ContentUnread      LongInt(4)
I put the fields I think I need to use in bold. I tried start writing something based on the import.php script, I thought it might be a place to start, but there alot in there I don't think I will need to do.

If anyone has done anything like this, or has any sugestions on where to start, or even could lend me a hand with this, I would be forever in your debt