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  • Newsupdater...

    ...I'm making one, but I'm a bit lost to what I wanna put in it

    So if you've got any bright ideas for functions, please post them.

    Thanks, Menno

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    When you say news updater what do you mean? If you mean a news script here are a few things that would be cool.

    1. Make the Main Post "The News Article" link to the forum that has its replies.

    2. Be able to call xx headlines like the active topics thing.

    Thats all I can think of at the moment.

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      Yes, I'm making a newscript, but it's not going to be a 'front' for vB. (Though it will be more or less intigrated with it)
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        ummm... hehe, err... not to bust on ya Menno, but I already wrote one that does that: for a demo
        - the "headlines" are called dynamically alone (with variable amounts if wanted)
        - you can also only call a certain amount of real "news" at a time
        - a bunch of vB/UBB codes, most of which wouldn't be of use to most people.

        Again, it's not a release quality script (yet), so the HTML is embedding, and there is no automatic setup. Let me know if anyone wants the script. (BTW, yes - it ties in with vB a little)


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          I know, there are many newsupdaters, but I'm making my own.
          Just wanted to do a little poll to see what people would like to see in one.
          And it's a good way to learn some more php

          I previously used thatware, but that program *really* sucks. Highly un-hackable, and it seems to be alergic to its own programming

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            I'm also looking for a good news script system.

            Look at my site at

            It has the results from the latetst rounds of racing, doing the actual results is not a problem but at the moment to provide all the proper links to it any everything takes ages ftp'ing files back and forward and editing it using notepad.

            I need something where I can take the results, click publish and have the script do the rest.

            I've even considered using a forum in vB or using my old UBB but it isn't really suited to a 'news' type thing. Any ideas?

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