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Need HELP please on a deadline project:

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  • Need HELP please on a deadline project:

    I have been trying to get a php bulletin board created under pressure
    and a php shopping cart my boss wants me to create. I admit that being
    thrown into learning PHP is taking longer than I had expected and
    getting exhausted trying to figure it all out.

    I am also looking for web hosting (paid/free) but will probably go with
    a free one as I am on a budget. or an ISP provider that supports
    Apache, PHP, MySQL, which my current ISP doesn't support.

    My first priority is the bulletin board:

    I don't know who can help me as I have struggled with PHP for 3-4wks
    now. I want a unique bulletin board, with cariatures rather then
    smilies. With attached wavs for sounds of singing voice and yelling
    quotes from actors faces.
    So far most want a unthreaded board and we still want to keep the
    familiarity of the AOL boards style, meaning the new board will not take
    up the whole screen, so we can minimize the browser window to do other
    things while on AOL. This board will be for approx. 80 to 150 people,
    with 500-1,000 posts a week.

    I need to have the board created by this Friday April 20th, and I am
    about to give up creating everything but hate to let my friends down.
    The reason for the deadline is most are traveling to NYC and want to be
    able to post on the new "internet" boards because AOL boards are only
    accessible if you are on AOL and not signed on as a guest, etc...

    Right now, I am looking for someone that could help create the
    cariatures(definitely) for me and the board (if possible). Even though I
    am a web/graphic designer myself, I am not good drawing faces and having
    a hard time with PHP...though I am an advanced HTML programmer.

    I am about to give up on this board project (for friends/work) and the
    shopping cart(for work).
    But do you have any suggestions for me? I downloaded PHPslash and will
    try that out to see how it looks.

    Sometimes I don't understand the basics of programming because I am
    hearing impaired/deaf, so I miss out on a lot of it. Also it's hard to
    learn when thrown into it along with the stress of trying to find a new
    job, my web company might close June 1st, it was set for May 1st, but
    we got an extension with a few pokers projects out there to try to get!
    I am looking to freelance projects too in the meantime, I need to figure

    out this board as I am eager to please my friends.


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    wow, you sure do wait 'till the last minute to ask for help

    I take it you are new to programming (HTML is not programming). If this is the case, I'd recommend searching or for a ready made forum to install, as you won't be able to write your own, and I doubt you'll be able to hack one very easily.


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      isn't vBulletin a "ready made forum to install"?

      Why come here and ask for help in finding a way to write or download a BB, when you have one under your nose?


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        I am new to this forum and I had posted on many forums since end of March asking for help, so I have been looking for help for awhile now. I got some feedback, & then more feedback. Some were positive and negatives, so I got totally confused! I asked about free webhosting, and how to create a board with the features I have in mind, etc...

        To MaxAlbert:
        Thanks for the links, I have tried those sites and downloaded several (tons) of forums awhile back to try to customize, then when I go to unzip them, I am stuck on where the files should go, I follow the instructions, but nothing works. So I know I am doing something wrong somewhere. So far I can't hack anything

        To Bria:
        First I came to this forum via a referral from another web host who was KIND enough to direct me to this forum. I really like this style, but I am on a budget and will soon be losing my job. I am stressed out cause I am trying to create a board, shopping cart and look for ajob and pay bills. So I am looking for help or tips on what to do, or to get help on how to install any of the free ones I have tried like, Ultraboard, DCforum, etc...not sure what I am doing wrong. It helps to have someone help one another.
        How much is V-Bulletin? I did email their contact to find out if they can install it for me, to customize it a certain way that I already described to them, and if they have their own web server to put it onto, but no reply yet from their contact folks, so I posted on this forum, because another web host referred me to here and told me to post my message, which I did.

        Is there a free version of vbulletin? Would I be able to have it customized to my list of stuff I need on it?
        If vbulletin is ready to install without having to do anything with it, then let me know please! Then I could probably figure out where to insert the caricatures down the road. I am going to extend my deadline, the shopping cart can be done by next week fr now, as for the board. I am going to take a deep breath and let my friends know that I can't get it done by tomorrow as I am looking for a new job, and that someday it will be up for them. Because as someone emailed me, it's time and money to get it done right. I would still like feedback, so I can work on it at a slower pace so I can fully grasp PHP. Really hard working on it at a fast pace here at my current company. Whew! I think I am going to slow down and just take it easy, and work on it at my own pace. (Deep Sigh)

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          You really need to slown down a bit and read around the site a bit more.

          Firstly, i have no idea what you are really trying to do, it sounds like you are creating a project (shopping cart/forum) etc for someone's website. If you are thinking of running a forum with 1,000 posts per weak and selling things (shopping cart) then a) you are going to need some money (webhosting/merchant processing) and b) you are going to need more than 3 days.

          Writing a forum is a very hard job, unless you have done a lot of php getting anything remotley decent is going to be hard. I am not saying it is not worth trying but doing it in 3 days.. not a chance.

          VBulletin does have a free version however it is more of a demo to check vbulletin will run on your server, it is severly crippled.

          Yes there are many free pieces of forum software around, for example is probably the best, is a php one as is . Installing these is realtivly painless, by the sounds of it you havn't tried so what you are really asking for in regard to these i don't know. I would recommend asking at their support forums if you are stuck.

          The pricing for vbulletin is on the pricing page. You can get a 1 year lease for under a $100 i think but i can't remember the exact price. It is a bargain whatever.

          I don't know what customization you want, if you want it to just take up less of the screen, well it does that automatically based on the browser size. Otherwise you could just build a table into the header and footer with a set table width.

          I hope this helps but i do think you need to work out what you are trying to do and why. Installing a forum is not hard you need to do this order:

          i) do you have any money for the project? YES --> buy VBulletin. NO --> go to ikonboard/phpbb.
          ii) do you have any money for hosting it? YES --> go to and find a decent host for yorself. No, try there and also (if you answered NO use ikonboard, it is cgi and works on a lot more free hosts.

          that is all there is to it.
          Christopher Padfield
          Web Based Helpdesk
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            If you read my original post, I said I did download and test some files, I got error messages and so on, they didn't work for me, so I also mentioned that I think I might have set it up wrong.

            I have been trying to grasp PHP since March, but haven't been able to since I am thrown into it to learn ti fast for our company.

            The message board is for friends, and then later on if my current boss likes it, he will want one.

            The shopping cart is for work, we need one that will be secured. Last nite, I researched for e-commerce software and sent a list to my boss to review, so maybe he can buy one instead, which would be easier to install.

            As for you comment on "3 days" I have been posting on tons of forums trying to get help for a month now, not just 3 days, but my deadline is today, and so far got only one person to really help, that person sent me files to install that are already done, she gave me directions on where they go, what lines to change, and what server I need. So I am going to test that to see if it works. It would be more appreciated if one can help rarther then criticize. I am sure someone helped you when you first learned PHP...

            I do appreciate the links for other sites you listed for me, I will look into those.
            I was only given the link to this forum not to the vbulletin website.

            I did download their free tryout, and it worked! I was impressed, now do I need to buy their full version to get everything else I need of a forum? Will it install like the tryout one, or do I have to install it all myself? I am not sure so I am asking before I pay for anything. I have seen reports not to get free hosting as it's not reliable, so I might have to dish a little money of my own out, if neccessasry buy really cant' if I am in the process of looking for a new job, we close down soon, but will keep the websites we do going from home.

            Thanks for the feedback folks, I am taking this seriously, but was stuck. I tried foillowing a script from the book by typing it myself and it's starting to make sense.

            As for the cariactures, still trying to create them, got some done, but they are not relasistic looking...sorry for my few typos, not fully awake right now as I get ready for work, my time is limited on outside projects.


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              I am letting you folks know that I finally got signed up with for my free webhosting, and tried uploading the phpbb board...and ikonboard, but from there I am not sure why they don't appear at all on my website.

              I did test vbulletinlite and it installed everything for me, which was great! But I am a bit disappointed in the lack of help on this forum, so I will be going elsewhere, not such a friendly forum.

              I am trying to create stuff for work, and the board: I am creating for friends and if it works great, then for work. my boss wants me to test boards, guestbooks, and then customize them

              I am not sure if I can post a screenshot of the AOL boards here, but I finally was pointed on another forum to the software needed to make a screenshot of it to show a web hosting company what I am trying to create and to get a quote on for creatring something similiar to it.

              I wished someone would answer my other questions about the vbulletin features, one has replied from their sales info email address this week at all

              So I am putting this forum on the backburner till I get more information on the features and answers to my questions. I will not use it till the moderator can answer me, or someone from vbulletin, otherwise I am not impressed with their customer service!


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                um.. i am not sure exactly what you really want or are asking of the forum? if you want people to just come over and install a fourm for you, customize it to your suting etc you are asking quite a lot of people we do have our own stuff to do!

                If you have a specific error message you are getting or some step of the process that does not go right then sure post the problem here and someone is bound to answer, i have found this place to be one of the best communities on the web, people go out of their way to help people here but complaning that people are unhelpful or demanding help for something when you have not explained what you want is not going to get you much support.

                As for vbulletin support, for me it has been brilliant and they answered any question i wanted very quickly. I don't think they do customization for people, they are incrdeibly busy finishing the vb2.0 final release. If you asked them how much the form costs i have to say i am not surprised they have not answered, it says very clearly on the purchase page at the bottom of every page there is a link to it.

                As for the features you actually want, all you have said is that you want it to "not take up the whole screen like aol boards" i have already asked you to clarify this as it makes no sense to me, if i click on the minimse button in the top right hand corner of IE then the forum does not take up the whole screen, i just don't know what you mean.

                I am very prepared to help you if you tell us exactly what you want to know.
                Christopher Padfield
                Web Based Helpdesk
                DeskPRO v3.0.3 Released - Download Demo Now!


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                  Moderators are not salesmen. They're job (at least where I moderate) is to make sure that the content is clean (no spam or inappropriate content) and posted in the proper forum. Moderators are also often looked to for help along the topic of the forum they moderate.
                  For all other queries (business development, general comments, suggestions or feedback) please send email to [email protected].
                  In my opinion, this does not include a feature list. Which happens to be here. If you have any other questions please try posting in the "vBulletin 2.0 Questions" forum.


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