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  • creating thumbnails

    I have the below info from the PHP manual:
    ImageCopyResized -- Copy and resize part of an image

    int imagecopyresized (int dst_im, int src_im, int dstX, int dstY, int srcX, int srcY, int dstW, int dstH, int srcW, int srcH)

    ImageCopyResized() copies a rectangular portion of one image to another image. Dst_im is the destination image, src_im is the source image identifier. If the source and destination coordinates and width and heights differ, appropriate stretching or shrinking of the image fragment will be performed. The coordinates refer to the upper left corner. This function can be used to copy regions within the same image (if dst_im is the same as src_im) but if the regions overlap the results will be unpredictable.
    Can someone please explain to me or show me a good tutorial on how to create thumbnails of images after uploading them? I already have the upload feature working, but I need to create thumbnails. Any help greatly appreciated.

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    I've figured out how to create thumbnails of jpeg images, but GDLib doesn't support gif images anymore, due to legal reasons. Is there any way to create thumbnails of gif images without having to use ImageMagik, coz my host doesn't support it (


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      I'm affraid not...


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        download an older version of GDLib (i think v 1.6 or something like that) and compile PHP with it. or load the php-gd-gif.dll extension. (i don't know if this will work on a unix machine)


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          Use Netpbm.
          Its downloadable here if you want it, included with the gallery script.

          Very nice routines for making thumbnails, and much better quality than GD lib.


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