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    I gather there have been various discussions on this subject but I wondered if anyone could advise on a good CMS that can integrate VB. I have seen which is great but not in my budget as we are totally uncommercial but have a hugely popular site.


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    There are some CMS-like Hacks available at
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      Thanks, I have looked around. But I wondered if there was anything out there compatiable. I did read Jelsoft at some point would be releaseing something but I gather thats not for a while yet.


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        I just purchased and started working with Subdreamer. Don't know your budget, but this works beautifully with vBulletin.

        Don't have a live site up yet, still working on it. At this point, I've only had the program since the 16th but I've figured out how to write my own skin (doing one that is all CSS - trying to break out of the old, comfortable table layouts.)

        Probably tested over 30 different systems. Wanted something that I could customize to a large extent. Also wanted to be able to use some static content easily and not have everything stored in a database. The other main criteria was that I could also use some additional programs like a classified ads system. And, I wanted to have a css style that could be implemented for areas outside the CMS, which means having the info in a file instead of just a database. So far, it's all working (at least at the test levels.)

        Looked at the vbAdvanced, mentioned frequently within this site, and thought that it was related to Jelsoft or vBulletin somehow. They run a disclaimer at the bottom of their site: "Please note that vBadvanced is in no way affiliated with Jelsoft Enterprises Ltd, nor will Jelsoft be able to provide any support for our products."


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          Originally posted by vista
          I just purchased and started working with Subdreamer. Don't know your budget, but this works beautifully with vBulletin.
          I wouldn't use Subdreamer myself only due to the fact they increased the price from I think $30 something to $125 and that is one huge increase for a simple CMS and yes it is simple. I've used it before and it really isn't worth the price tag it's at right now. If they dropped it back down to $45 or less then it would be a good buy.

          VBadvanced is the one I would recommend to anyone who wants a CMS that integrates with VBulletin. Mambo is also good but the Integration Plugin is seperate and costs $$ for the commercial version and there is a free version as well of a Mambo /VB integration Plugin.
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            I highly reccomend that, v2 is around the corner


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              and for some of us v2 is now


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