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  • Derek412
    Wow. Well FrontPage was doing this, so I wonder why they did something like not closing the paragraph. Maybe that's why I got a few people telling me it was crap.

    I fixed the problem by putting it all on one line so hopefully that will continue to work.

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  • diades
    Hi Derek

    This is your problem:
    as in:
    <table border="1" width="100%" id="table1">
    That will make the table expand to 100% of the widtrh iof the parent element (the element that contains this table). You have set the width in pixels ro the cells so, add the total width of the cells and the set that as the width for the table.

    nb: You also have paragraphs set in your cells (<p>) that are not closed:
    <td align="left"><p align="center">$15,985,000</td>
    should be:
    <td align="left"><p align="center">$15,985,000</p></td>
    you are also making use of the deprecated "font" element, change it to a span element witha classname setting and set the formatting in you style sheet
    <span class="myclass">blah</span>

    There is no need to set the align of a cell to left as that is the default setting.


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  • Derek412
    started a topic Anyone know why ...

    Anyone know why ...

    a table sometimes expands from it's normal size once it's posted in vbulletin?

    I've made a few tables with FrontPage (yes I know many say that it's not very good, but it's very user friendly for someone just beginning ) and when I posted the code on my board, it expanded to double the size of what it looked like in Frontpage. These were bigger tables. I tried a few simple small tables and they worked fine.

    Take a look at the pics to see what I'm talking about. "single" is what it looked like when I made it, and "double" is what it turned out to be when I posted it. I included the code if anyone wanted to take a look.

    I had asked almost a dozen people and they all had different ideas from thinking it would be fixed from taking out the 'style' code on there, to vbulletin maybe adding in extra cell padding, to some thinking there was nothing I could do about it.

    Well after playing around with it for a few days, I finally got it looking the way it should. I simply removed all the white space (an option on frontpage) and it showed up perfectly fine. But I was still hoping to find out why that was happening in the first place. Any ideas?
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