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  • Displaying dates correctly


    I have this code:

    PHP Code:
    $cid1 mysql_result($result$i"today");
    $cid2 mysql_result($result$i"time"); 
    //Convert unix timestamp to date
    $cid2 date("H:i:s"$time); 
    $cid1 is displaying the date correctly as 2005-03-28
    $cid2 should be displaying the time. The time is being inserted in the database correctly yet it keeps displaying as 19:00 no matter what. Each record in the database is differant yet it keeps showing 19:00.

    Anyone see something I am doing wrong? Maybe there is a better way to insert the time in the database.

    Here is the code that I am using to insert time and date into the database.

    PHP Code:
    $newcomment $_POST['newcomment'];
    $member $_POST['mid'];
    $ip $_SERVER['REMOTE_ADDR'];
    $now time();
    $today date("Y-m-d");
    sqlquery("INSERT INTO $comments_table VALUES('', '$newcomment', '$member', '$username', '$ip','$now','$today')"); 
    Remember, I am very new to learning PHP/MYSQL!


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    you can use
    PHP Code:
    $now TIMENOW
    to get the Unix timestamp from when the page started loading (init.php called). Date/times are usually stored as Unix timestamps in databases.

    You can use the vbdate() functions to format a readable date again.

    The reason you always get 19:00 as a time is that you only store the date and not the time in your example.
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