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  • Is this Possible?


    I have a header with 2 tds, a banner on the left, and an advert on the right.

    Is there any way I can perhaps make the header image "crop", as I resize the window? Like, folding away as you make the window smaller, etc?

    I can't really explain it, but basically as you resize the window it should be covered up by the ad.

    Because as of right now, the header goes a bit strange when I resize the window.

    Thanks. :P

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    Have a screen shot on what you're looking for?

    But from what I'm gathering you'd Like your forum banner image on one side, and an advertisement on the other side?

    if that's the case you could make a small banner for the forum, and then add an advert for the other size. You just need to set the alignment for each image in your header template.


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      Thats what I have already, I've got the layout done, but I just want them to overlap for 800x600 or something, becuase the ad is about 730 pixels long.