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  • any tips greatly appreciated

    I'm starting this great new undertaking... ok, right now on my site I've got multiple links. Each of these links change 3 iframes on the page. This is all fine and dandy, but I want to do something different now. I want 2 links to the side, and whichever link you click on a different set of links appear. These new sets of links change the 3 iframes. The only way I know to do this is use another iframe, but these links wouldn't be able to change the 3 iframes, since it's in an iframe of its own. Does anyone know how I can do this?

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    You could create a framed document with two frames -- one for the document containing the iframes, and the other for the links to change the iframes.

    The navigation frame could link to another document with a different set of links that refer to the same iframes on the iframes document, but load different content.



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      You're throwing me off, but I hope this also helps.

      My site as example: (IE5+ suggested)

      I've 4 iFrames; the main content, two menu frames, and misc.

      Upper right menu - links can change content in the main and/or second menu, as well as misc content in the fourth (bottom left).
      Bottom right menu - when content allows, can target pages into main iFrame.

      Try this:
      • On the main menu (upper right) scroll down to ElectroGravitation (eG).
      • Click on Unified Field Theory.
      This will change content in the other three iFrame windows. This is done from inside an iFrame.

      View-source as you wish, post questions if needed.


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