the websites of my enterprise concerns working with server side includes and I have some questions:

1. The developer has do this:
<td rowspan="2" valign="top" colspan="2"><!--#include virtual='../${ind}/01_start.shtml' --></td>

The variable ind is set on the index-site:
<!--#if expr="${QUERY_STRING} != ''" -->
<!--#set var="ind" value="${QUERY_STRING}" -->
<!--#else -->
<!--#set var="ind" value="concert/" -->
<!--#endif -->

For this all new projects have a new folder. But it is very unclear, if there are so many folders. So like to do more .shtml-files into one folder. But I don't know how I can choose the respective file. I like to change only this two scripts above, because it is very much work to change any file.

I have try it with if-instructions, but everytime there is an error. For example I have try it like this:
<!--#if expr="${ind} = '*/*.shtml' --><!--#include virtual='../${ind}' --><!--#else --><!--#include virtual='../${ind}/01_start.shtml' --><!--#endif -->

For the if-instruction there must be (e.g.):
<a href="<!--#echo var="path"-->?research/new.shtml">

And for the else-instruction there must be (e.g.):
<a href="<!--#echo var="path"-->?research/">

But it don't work.

2. What do this (what tell me /m2/):
<!--#if expr="${QUERY_STRING} = /m2/ " -->
<!--#set var="select" value= 'm2' -->
<!--#set var="folder" value="research" -->
<!--#endif -->

3. I have see that there is in all folders a file named "FINDER.DAT". What is it and why I need it?

Thank you for the answer.