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    I thought this would be nifty to post for folks who want a simple customized contact form.

    The reason we should all use contact forms versus listing our e-mail addresses is simple for two reasons...

    1.) Spammers collect email addys from poorly secured servers they know have addresses like a bank server and they crawl the web for contact pages and guest books that have email addresses listed.

    2.) It's a convience for your visitors, especially if their computer is slower then I-4 southbound at 5pm in Orlando.
    John Bilicki III
    Webmaster of JAB Creations

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    Hey cool thanks mate


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      Nice one

      Adds to favourites
      For all your minimoto needs :


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        Even better actually...this generator...

        It's really advanced and I've screwed up making my own form several times already...but thats fine considering it has the maximum options, power form! It's only PHP which is fine for me but Microsuc...err soft folks will want to stick with the original one I posted as it generates for ASP.

        I test it and it works absolutely fine and dandy....

        The required fields work. For drop down selections seperate items with a space.... example - Cali,Florida,New Hampshire,Frank,Bob

        The page you see after the form is used seems like it will be easy enough to customize so I'm not too worried about that.

        This looks like the ultimate contact form generator!
        John Bilicki III
        Webmaster of JAB Creations