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  • HTML tables problem

    I'm posting a fairly simple HTML table in a thread, but my table shows up at the bottom of a huge amount of white space. The table formatting is also messed up, with fonts, colors, and table sizes not showing up as I designed them in my HTML editor (GoLive). I've specified absolute table parameters in pixels. I have enabled HTML posts for that forum in the Admin CP.

    So far I have tried turning off WYSIWYG editing mode and posting again (didn't work). Is there a better way to do this??

    (FWIW I'm doing this only to post general info for members in forums that are otherwise closed to posts, so this ongoing security issue does not apply to me)


    Greg C.

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    Are you :

    As an admin, modifying the vBulletin templates


    As end user, inserting HTML into a post?


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      I am logged into vBulletin as an administrator and posting a new thread as a normal user would. If there is a different way to post this information, I'd love to hear it. I do want it to show up in a forum style format but no one will be able to post replies because the forum will be closed.


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        I tried putting this text at the top of my HTML document but it did not work.

        <!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Transitional//EN" "">

        I have also gone into the HTML code produced by GoLive and stripped out all the headers and other garbage at the top of the file. No luck.

        I am at a loss as to what else I can do except link users to off-site pages, which I do not want to do. Any thoughts here would be helpful.


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          I think I figured it out, but I'm not happy with the answer

          So I was playing with HTML code in posts to see if I could get some sort of consistent thing happening here. It appears that vBulletin will interpret any hard return in the HTML code as a hard return in the body of the post. This means that the code generated by programs such as GoLive, Netscape Composer, etc, will need to have all hard returns removed from the code in order to avoid this mass of white space at the top of the post. Has anyone else run in to this? Is vBulletin not smart enough to skip over a hard return embedded in HTML code or am I overlooking something here?


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            As an example... this post with embedded HTML &amp; tables works fine

            <table> <tr> <th>This TD tag uses the class in question</th> <td>This TD tag uses the class in question</td> </tr> </table>


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              This way puts in at least 5 hard returns at the top of the post

              <th>This TD tag uses the class in question</th>
              <td>This TD tag uses the class in question</td>


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                Your posting this data in a thread? HTML will not or at least rarely be formated correctly you should really not use html unless 100% nessary and even then i would not allow regular members to post html either.


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                  Would it not be easier to use an announcement instead?

                  Webxpertz Community for Webmasters & Developers


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                    I am creating pages of contact data tables that will be posted in closed forums - users will not be able to reply, just view. I can't think of another way to create tables of data that can be formatted other than with HTML. If there is another way to create tables (such as with BB code or PHP) please let me know)!

                    The Hard Return/Tab thing in HTML is a bit maddening, though.


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                      You can use html in an announcement without the problems/dangers of making forums accept html. As regards the hard returns, it doesn't take two seconds to remove the whitespace/hidden chars from a block of html once you have it looking the way that you want. Good luck to you

                      Webxpertz Community for Webmasters & Developers


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                        I just ran into this same problem. Is there really not an easier way to fix this?

                        I'm going to be making a lot of tables on my site and yes I can go back and take off the hard returns if I absolutely have to, but isn't there an easier way?


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                          Nice, I just found a way to fix it if anyone wants to know. On Microsoft Frontpage, click on the tab 'Code', then right click and 'remove all white space'. Wheww, that just saved me a heck of a lot of time.


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                            Which version of Frontpage are you using?


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