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few noobie questions

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  • few noobie questions

    ok im trying to learn php just wondering what people think is:

    the best book for learners ?
    the best program for doing php ?
    any other tips welcome

    many thanks in advance

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    I personally really liked PHP and MySQL Web Development (Second Edition) by Welling and Thomson.
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      I studied the first edition of that book, way back then. I highly recommend the authors, so grab the 2nd edition if you can.

      For the novice -> moderate user of PHP, I recommend textpad for coding. It has syntax highlighting, tabs, split windows, search & replace, search in files, and much more.

      When you get very adapted to PHP, or any programming language, I suggest using the VIM editor. VIM is not an easy editor to start with, and might seem sort of old-school console'ish, but if you stick with it you'll recognize the spectacular efficiency and how it can simplify your coding process in time/effort tremendously. I use VIM on Unix for C++ and Java, but it's just as great for PHP (syntax highlighting available). It has a command mode where can navigate around your file extremely fast without ever having to use your mouse. (the default keys for left, right, down, and up will take time to get used to). This makes for fast coding, in addition to using the many other advanced commands. A great VIM tutorial (also available in book format):

      For me, the best application to practice my PHP & MySQL skills was vBulletin. Setup a test forum on your local server, and code away.
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        a few more recommendations

        Another pretty good editor:

        Book I usually recommend:
        A Programmer's Introduction to PHP 4.0


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