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Any thoughs as to how to pick a good Domain Name?

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  • Any thoughs as to how to pick a good Domain Name?

    What are some tips you can give as to choosing a "hip" and unique Domain name?

    Are there any good ones left anymore?!

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    It is funny to see a lot of users think so hard about a domain name,
    but when I have fun chats with friends about new projects, all the domains we want to use are still free for registration.

    Just try stuff out and think outloud what you want to do and achieve.

    There is still plenty to go around


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      Nameboy is the most popular domain name generator. Use our AI-powered domain name generator to find the best business domain name ideas instantly!

      easy way to try variations of words


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        I think a domain name should tell a person what the site is all about...just by the name if possible. doesn't tell me what the site is about although it might be a fun name to say (And of course places like and blow this out of the water but that is based on years of branding and LOTS of traffic and money...) tells me its all about binding books. Not as exciting but easy to remember...
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          I decide on what I want the site to be about... For instance, I wanted to work on a site dedicated to the retail sales of books dedicated to the divine feminine and other spiritual avenues, the domain that popped in my head was "", I went and registered it.

          Then I was thinking about a small niche hosting/blog/email site that would be a subset of community services similar to what provides but I wanted to restrict it to people putting up sites dedicated to spirituality and earth-centered religions so I came up with the domain name

          I currently own 42 domain names covering many different topics and each of them are two words. They cover things from a publishing company to a metaphysical store and everything in between. Some are designed to be content sites like specialty cookbooks and an herbalism site that I am developing. Others are meant for retail sales like Goddessbooks above. I even have a vBulletin Support site domain name. Still others are meant for community sites. All where registered for $8.95 or less through eNom and often they are my first choice.

          Try your ideas, you will find that the number of available domains has actually increased over the years and that the squatters don't have the stranglehold on the market that they once had.
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            My mate made this when i was looking for a domain name way back when.

            EDIT: it seams to have borken


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              I would say that the absolute most important thing that you should do when getting a domain for a professional (i.e., not personal) site is that the domain clearly and briefly states what your site is about.

              Not meant to be a plug, but an example: , my site. The domain name immediately says what the site is all about. It may not be catchy or trendy, or not prefixed with an "i" or "e", but just from looking at the domain, you immediately know what the site would be about. You're also likely to remember the site for future visits.

              Many of the sites that some young forum users who are just starting out make the mistake of registering domain names that start with an "x" and are essentially just a subsequent mix of random syllables.
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                Thanks everyone

                You guys all gave me some fantastic tips and ideas to think about.

                I do have a solid idea in my mind about what the site is going to be about and I think I found a winner name that suits the purpose of what the site's about. And best of all, the name is not taken!

                Thank you again.

                :cool: That which is obvious, needs no introduction. :cool:


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