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  • Is this fair?

    I don't really think it is.

    But, I didn't pay my webhost the monthly bill yet and hes saying he's going to sell my site.. Can he do that?
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    He is not allowed to sell your database and vBulletin files. He is however allowed to take your site offline/down.


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      Thank you.


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        C'mon people. Let me know.


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          Who is your webhost and did you buy a domain from them?

          Legally they can't sell anything.


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            First of all, the files on your account belong to you. Your host only provides the hosting aspect of it -- they do not have any claim to the files.

            Second, if he's selling your forum, with the database, then that is theft. You paid for your vBulletin (I'm assuming), so that copy of the script is lawfully licensed to you. If he takes that, without your permission, and sells it to a third party, that's obviously theft.

            Your best bet would be to post something about this, including the name of the company, at, and then talk to a lawyer about taking this to court. (Or small-claims court, depending on what's at stake) Also, if there's a vBulletin script involved, it's probably a good idea to talk to Jelsoft about it too, since they have a few clauses in the license agreement which may help you:

            • The Software may not be used for anything that would represent or is associated with an Intellectual Property violation, including, but not limited to, engaging in any activity that infringes or misappropriates the intellectual property rights of others, including copyrights, trademarks, service marks, trade secrets, software piracy, and patents held by individuals, corporations, or other entities.
            Should Jelsoft discover discrepancies in the software usage, be aware that you may lose your licence and may face legal actions for Software Piracy.

            In this case, you probably won't loose your license, but your host may face legal action for software piracy (depending on what exactly they do with your files)


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              Thanks pixel. I'll e-mail them now.


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                Unless the domain is in their name, they can't sell the domain to anyone else.
                As for the vb license, the same applies.

                Other than that they can do what it says in their terms and conditions/service providing it is legal.
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                  Well, if they have that they can sell the site at anytime when they want to, that's pretty unethical.


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                    Do you have a license for vBulletin, or does the web host own the license? The reason I ask is because you are showing up as unlicensed on these forums. If you do have a license, then pelase register for Priority Forum Support. To do this, please click HERE and enter your email address in one of the boxes. You'll need to have your customer number and password to access the page.

                    If you still have problems after doing this, send an email to [email protected]. Please include your user name, then email address you registered with and your customer number so we can fix the problem.
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                      ^Do I show up unlicensed now?


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                        Originally posted by Emcee Knowledge
                        ^Do I show up unlicensed now?
                        lmao.... 6 months later....

                        MGM out


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                          LMAO! I read this earlier and just noticed the date when you posted this...hmmm makes ya wonder.

                          Got a Boxer?


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                            Now that is funny. I guess it took him a while to convert to the right side of things. Funnier yet, I wonder if the host has taken his site down after all these months? Heh.


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                              Originally posted by MetalGearMaster
                              lmao.... 6 months later....

                              MGM out
                              Yes, you show up licensed.

                              Note for reference: If you are licensed, and someone steals your vBulletin - they can't do much. If they request a license transfer they have to verify they are the proper license owners. That step will therefor fail and the license can't be transferred. You, as proper license holder can apply a transfer, you can verify you are the license holder and update your email, address and domain name. Switching from one to another hosting provider with your license is very easy. The hosting provider does not own your license, unless you leased or rented it of them, or they paid for it or it isn't in your name/email/address.


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